Mama said knock them out

“I’m gonna knock you out, mama said knock you out, I’m gonna knock you out” This 1990 song was written by rapper turned actor LL Cool J. Apparently LL had the same type of mother that I did because that’s basically what my mother told us.  It was her way of helping us deal with the challenge of being bullied.  She would say, “you can’t stop people from talking, but if they hit you, tell them to stop two times, and if they didn’t stop, pick up something and try to knock them out!”

Yes, I know that would not work in our world today, but back in the day it worked for us.  Okay, I never really knocked anybody out, but there were several times when just standing up to a bully caused the bulling to stop.  Deep inside I really wanted to get in trouble in school for fighting so when the teacher would ask me why did I fight I wanted to be able to say, “mama said knock them out” so I did!

What I want you to hear is: if you have regular contact with a young person in grade school, please talk to them about their interaction with other young people around them. Bring up the subject of bullying and help them to understand how to deal with it.  You might take LL Cool J’s advice or some other famous philosopher, but have the conversation. reports that 28% of students grades 1-12 say they have been bullied. 70% say that they have seen bullying in their school.  Click here if you need help:

hamsight: Have a conversation about bullying or knock them out, mama said knock them out