Do you smell something burning?

77% of people in ministry say they have experienced burnout. Here are a few things that might keep you out of that statistic and wondering what that burning smell is.
  1. Don’t take yourself too seriously
  2. Don’t do anything for someone that they can do for themselves
  3. Take time off
  4. Develop a hobby
  5. Exercise
  6. You can’t do God’s part, You can’t do someone else’s part, You can only do your part
  7. Don’t be a lone ranger, build a team
  8. Find a way to get enough sleep
  9. God 1st, Family 2nd, Ministry 3rd
  10. Spend time with God, have an active devotional life
  11. Join a small group (but don’t lead one)
  12. Be a Mentor, have a mentor
  13. Laugh
These are not in order of importance. You have to do that.
hamsight: please don’t burn out – we need you