You are going the wrong way

It’s fascinating to me to see a driver going the wrong way on a one-way street. The most interesting thing is how other drivers choose to engage the wrong-way driver. Some people just do their best to stay away from the car, while other drivers take it on themselves to correct the driver just to let them know that they are wrong. Some drivers blow their horn and motion that the driver should be going a different director, then there is the driver that yells at the offender: “did you know that you are going the wrong way?” Most of these drivers are really trying to help.

It’s hard to help someone who doesn’t want help or feel they don’t need help.

Some wrong-way drivers are convinced that they are going the right way, so they ignore the help. Some look confused and begin to panic, and when this happens, they don’t see the help. Some see their destination in sight and are only focused on getting there whatever the cost and they will run over those trying to help.

Kids going the wrong way are like the wrong-way driver, regardless of how they right they feel, they are still headed the wrong way. It’s going to take patience, toughness, longsuffering, and love, but we don’t need to standby and watch them crash and burn. Think back…remember what it feels like to be young and going the wrong way? Step in the gap and do what you can.

Hamsight: It’s hard to help a kid that feels they don’t need help, but try anyway.