Sit down and start rowing

When I think about the struggle that kids and their families are experiencing I think about boats. Humans have used some form of a boat for at least 7,000 years. Just think about how many stories and poems have water travel at the center of the literary work. What about the scores of songs written about going places in a boat or ship.

There are positive analogies that deal with being in a boat, and then there are also many negative analogies about being in a sinking ship or not being able to keep things afloat. Imagine that every kid in the world is in a boat. Then imagine that every one of those boats has an empty seat and an unused oar waiting on someone to help.

What those boats need are not new leaders, but new helpers, someone who will just sit down and start rowing. Not someone to take over or to drive the boat or even make decisions of direction, just someone to sit down and start rowing. Will you help? At Youth For Christ, we go where kids are. Please email me at if you want to know how you can help Jackson YFC reach lost and hurting kids.

Hamsight: Sit down and start rowing