I’ve never met a beetle that I didn’t like

We were bug boys growing up.  We loved learning about bugs, snakes, lizards, mice, rats, wasps, we were fascinated by pretty much anything living.  I remember when we discovered that some bugs wore armor that protected them from would-be attackers.

To learn more about those bugs, we did what everybody did in the ’60s and 70’s when you wanted to learn about something you didn’t know, we went inside and pulled out a book.  It’s called an encyclopedia, and there’s information inside, but no video, no links to a website. Just static information written sometime in the past, but for us it was GOLD! We felt so blessed that our parents sacrificed to buy a set.

We discovered that those bugs were outfitted with what’s called an exoskeleton. Humans don’t usually grow an exoskeleton, but some do.  When humans do develop one, it’s for the same reason that some insects have one, for protection.

Have you ever met a person that other people say, “he is a hard man, or she’s hard”?  In my years of working with kids, I can say without a doubt that we have more “hard” kids than ever before.  The reason for that is we have more hurtful situations happening with kids that require them to be tough.

Hamsight: If you know a kid wearing an exoskeleton, don’t give up on them.