la familia es importante para todos

Warriors is a 1979 Paramount film about a New city gang who must travel from the Bronx to their home turf in southern Brooklyn after they are framed for the murder of a respected gang leader.  For me this movie is right up there with The Blues Brothers (the original) and Coming to America. I could watch both of them every week!

I remember that some critics were saying that it wasn’t a good movie because it seems to glorify gang life. I can see why someone would say that because there is a lot of fighting between the Warriors and rival gang members.  When I watch it I see something else. I see a group of friends who are sworn to be there for each other and protect each other with their lives; and those friends are just trying to make it home.

Most real gang members wouldn’t say that they are in a gang, they would say that they had many members of their family, and they belong with them.

Do you know of a kid that seems to be drawn toward groups of dubious friends?  You could try two things correct this problem: you could criticize the friends (which might work against you). Or, you could ask yourself, “what is she not getting from us that would make her seek others?”  All of us were created as relational beings, and we all long to be in relationships and part of a family.

Hamsight: la familia es importante para todos

Picture: the ten year old me blowing out the candles.